Plastic gift cards, business cards, clear business cards, and more.

We specialize in custom plastic cards, gift cards, key cards, business cards, card plus key tag, 3x5 and 4x6 plastic cards.

We also offer magstripe encoding and barcodes for your gift cards.


You can make your business stand out from the crowd by using customized plastic gift cards. What are the benefits of a plastic gift card program? You want your cards to be in your clients’ hands.

So give them the option to offer gift cards as a gift.

If you sell plastic gift cards, your clients will be coming back into the store to buy from you over and over again.

This can help you build a relationship with clients and gives rewards to your loyal customers.

Gift cards are also great for last-minute shoppers, especially during the holidays. PLASTIC GIFT CARD PRINTING 


Print plastic business cards, membership cards, fundraising cards, custom plastic gift cards, plastic customer loyalty cards, and more.

We are a premier plastic card printing company that prints color and clear cards in sturdy PVC plastic, not the flimsy plastic that many other companies have been known to use. We take our services seriously, and we are proud of the cards that we’ve printed in the past.

Printing clearly on plastic cards takes precision.

That's why we've invested in the industry's best equipment and training for our skilled professionals. Every card comes out looking fantastic.

You can place orders of plastic cards that provide a wide variety of printing options. You might be looking for printing solutions for a national brand, or you may want to customize gift cards for a very small business, but regardless of the circumstances, we are the card printing service you should work with for superior and affordable results.

  • Custom Gift Cards Printing
  • You can make your card fit your needs with signature panel, embossed numbering, magnetic stripe, and barcoding.
  • Our custom gift cards are made with the same stock and thickness of a credit card.

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction.

Most Competitive Prices.



1. We offer your business unlimited possibilities for your gift cards: professional custom designs, unique shapes, a incredible range of color, and other features that will help your cards stand out.

We can craft some of the most well sought after, high-quality gift cards in the industry, so you’re certain your cards are reliable and appealing  2. Customized gift cards are available in a wide variety of shapes. Gift cards with unique shapes are memorable.

We have thousands of shapes to choose from. Are you looking for something no one else has? We can create a unique shape just for your business. Die-cut gift cards will give your business a competitive edge.

3. Boost your revenue stream, and leave a big impression with customized gift cards.

One of the best tools for promoting growth and increasing revenue for your business is to use gift cards. Gift cards and rewards programs have been proven time and time again to drive sales. People respond well to rewards for their loyal shopping, and the center of the program is a good-looking plastic card. Just about any type of business can expect a significant bump in sales with these programs. Custom Gift Cards

Create a gift card that customers can't help but notice. We can create a combination of features, design, unique shape and professional color that competitors can't match.

We create the highest quality gift cards in the plastic card industry, so you’ll know your cards are reliable, consistent, and eye-catching.

Our Custom Plastic Gift Cards are made of out of PVC and Teslin/Composite plastic. 

Our custom cards can be shaped any way you like.

Make your cards truly unique by using your own artwork on them! What is a PVC card?

A PVC card, which is a typical ID card, is polyvinyl chloride.

These cards are used as ID cards, credit and debit cards, membership cards, gift cards, and more. There are lots of ways to make an ID card, but this tutorial focuses on making a PVC ID card using an inkjet printer. What is a Teslin Plastic card?

Composite laminated plastic gift card printing: These die-cut plastic cards are credit card-sized (CR80 cards) and have a printed synthetic core (Teslin) of approximately 10 mm that’s laminated on both sides with thick plastic to bring the card to the desired thickness of 30 mm. This is the most common card for gift cards.

- Composite cards is scratch resistant and incredibly durable.  - Select a LoCo or HiCo mag-stripe or a barcode for your gift cards, and upload your logo or your full bleed artwork, and we will setup a proof for your approval before moving to production.


We provide the fastest turnaround time when creating your gift cards, along with offering the best quality and lowest prices around.

We offer different types of cards, including reward cards, plastic cards, business cards, gift cards, membership cards, and more.

We are the premier plastic card manufacturer. 

We offer custom gift cards, membership cards, loyalty cards, business cards, and more. Your customers will be able to purchase a beautiful Best Gift Cards For Business in any amount to give away to friends and family! Call us today! 

Plastic Card ID can design and print custom rechargeable gift cards for your business gifts at wholesale prices. Allow your customers to purchase durable plastic gift cards using any amount to give to your family and friends. The quality of our gift cards is comparable to any you'll find at top national retailers.

For over 25 years, we've been the premier choice in manufacturing plastic gift cards, loyalty cards, key tags, and plastic postcards.

  • As a plastic card manufacturer, we offer custom card programs for restaurant and retail businesses of all sizes.
  • Gift cards are customized specifically to each store location or brand, it’s sold and activated at locations containing the point of sales kiosks.
  • Options:
  • QR code designs
  • Contains QR Code designs
  • Individual and Multi-Pack programs

Brand-specific art

  • Brand specific artwork 
  • Quick turn digital production runs 
  • Benefits:
  • Increases Consumer Brand Recognition

Creates a Captured' Consumer with exceptional incremental income opportunities

Loyalty leads to increased purchases over time

Creates a 'Captured' Consumer with significant incremental revenue opportunities

Plastic Card ID is the premier card manufacturing company in this country, and we offer library cards, room key cards, gift cards, ID cards, and blank membership cards.

How you can gain profits from gift cards:

If you have a small business, gift cards are one of the most consistent reliable marketing options to increase repeat business and drive customer loyalty.


Gift cards for businesses make a great gift. Does your gift card represent your brand well? Make it fantastic!

Your gift card should reflect the unique qualities of your business.

Anything that can be printed on paper can almost always be printed on plastic. So you really can get the card you want. The back of your Gift Card.

Our custom gift card printing ensures that the card back is just as customizable as the front.  Card backs usually contain important information in small, sharp black print. However, you can incorporate any color at no added charge.

Businesses often list their web address, store locations or items eligible for purchase on the back of the gift card.